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Welcome to the Kingdom of New AngliaEdit

The Kingdom of New Anglia was founded on the 1st of May 2011 by William Keating. Orignally called the Commonwealth of Voltar it became the Grand Barony of Voltar this non-terrotiral micronation is a monarchy and is one of the first nations to call itself a sixth world nation.

Micronations are entities that claim to be independent nations or states but which are not recognized by world governments or major international organizations. These nations may often exist only on paper, on the internet, or in the minds of their creators. Most of these micronations are taken care of by one man or one family.

Note: As the January 1st 2014 the Kingdom is no-longer active.

Here all are Welcome, let us make a prefect comminty, detials can be found on the Citizen Wanted page

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